Campaign Disclosure Forms

Form 410 

Form 460

Form 470 

Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interest 

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Waiver of Liability for Late Filers 

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Campaign Disclosure Manuals

Campaign Disclosure Manuals 

Forms for Candidates

Note: The paperwork required to place one’s name on the ballot must be obtained in person at the Office of Elections.

Candidate Paperwork Authorization Form

Placer County Political Sign Deposit Form

CA State Department of Transportation Statement of Responsibility for Political Signs

If you place political signs within a city’s limits, contact that city for its rules and regulations

Request to Purchase/View Voter Information 

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Certified Proof of Registration Application

Voter Registration Card Statement of Distribution

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Federal Elections Commission 

Fair Political Practices Commission

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Statewide Ballot Initiative Guide


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California Election Code


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How To Place A Measure On The Ballot

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