Candidate Workshop

Consider Becoming a Candidate and Attend a Free Candidate Workshop

Candidate Workshops will explain many of the details involved in running for public office including campaign financial disclosure filing, campaigning techniques and working with the media. Speakers will include campaign consultants, successful candidates, and members of the media in addition to Elections Office staff members. Prospective candidates and their supporters are encouraged to attend. Members of the media and the general public are also invited.

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Placer Elections Workshop Videos

Getting Your Message Out

Jim McCauley gives advice about how to get your message out to the voters as well as several other topics



Campaign Consulting

Supervisor Kirk Uhler gives advice on hiring a campaign consultant



The Press and Campaign Advertising

Auburn Journal Columnist Jim Ruffalo speaks about speaking to the press, campaign advertising, as well as several other topics



Candidate Photographs and Organizing a Committee

Auburn City Council member Mike Holmes gives advice about candidate photographs, organizing a campaign committee, and endorsements



Campaign Services

Acting Senior Election Supervisor Robin Bjerke discusses campaign services offered by the Placer County Elections Department



Campaign Disclosure

Ferrin Call explains campaign disclosure and form filing



Campaign Resources

Dave Coop explains different types of campaign resources that the Placer County Elections Office offers



Audience Question and Answer Session

Placer County Elections Workshop audience question and answer session